Widow’s Food Programme Afghanistan

Why Afghanistan

War has impacted access to food damaging agriculture, food processing and road networks.

  • One in three households in Afghanistan eat below their daily nutritional requirement (Source: WHO)
  • 54% of Pre-school children in Afghanistan are malnourished (Source: WHO)
  • 60% of children suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition (Source: WHO)
  • Widows in particular suffer from shortage of food due to having to rely on handouts
  • Widows and their children are vulnerable to financial exploitation and abuse due to suffering from hunger and not having an independent source of food and income
  • Widows and their children are characterized by the key vulnerabilities identified by the World Health Organization:
  • Income failure – unable to earn income and therefore feed themselves and their families
  • Food insecurity – high dependency on others to provide food
  • Bad Health Status – poor housing, children having to work, victims of war

The Solution

After children the most vulnerable group in any disaster zone is widows. We have two main projects to support widows to live with dignity.

For £20 per month you can provide for an individual to eat for a whole month.

Donate Now

£20 per month pays for staple foods such as rice, flour, lentils and cooking oil.

Each food pack helps to protect the widows and their children from having to rely on begging and handouts thereby exposing them to exploitation, prostitution and violence.


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