Morocco is located in the southwest corner of the African continent. Morocco is currently a constitutional monarchy.





Morocco was subjected to rivalries between European powers for several years. This subjugation caused poverty to rise in this country. Although like its neighboring countries poverty in Morocco is not that high yet it exists and is ever rising.

Most of Morocco is rural areas. Such areas still lack access to clean water, good medical assistance or decent living conditions.




Rising levels of poverty is affecting the life of people in Morocco, especially of children. According to Morocco around thirty percent of its population is 14 or less. This segment is most affected by these rising levels of poverty.

According to The High Commission for Planning there are around thirty to forty thousand orphans in Morocco.  Each year around 6000 to 7000 children are abandoned at birth and the list of new orphan children never stops growing. (Melgar et.al, 2020)




Due to rising poverty and an increase in the number of orphans child labor is ever rising. In order to survive such situation children are subjugated to work from an early age. Even though the Moroccan government has made several laws to stop this inhuman exploitation children are still working. (Wal & Singh, 2021)




We as a non-profit organization tend to help these children by levitating them from this abyss. We tend to provide education to these children so that they can tackle poverty with the beacon of knowledge and not by strength of their arms.

We also tend to provide such children with food, shelter and medical assistance.

Help us alleviate the lives of these orphans by donating.

Donate now and help orphans in Morocco.




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