Help Palestine

The Situation

  • Whilst Palestinians were recovering from the violent raid on Al-Quds, Gaza was attacked once again. Clouds of ash and smoke overshadowed the sky in Gaza, as bombs rained down on innocent children and their families in the final few days of Ramadan.
  • Our sisters and brothers across Palestine are suffering from violent attacks.
  • As the ceasefire in Gaza takes effect, humanitarian needs are becoming clearer. Women and children are most at risk.
  • Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have reportedly killed at least 192 people, including 58 children. They have also destroyed apartment buildings, leaving thousands of families homeless.
  • Seven schools and a health centre that was providing Covid-19 testing and vaccines have also been destroyed.
  • The occupied Palestinian territory is highly vulnerable during the corona virus pandemic. Women and girls have been hard-hit by the pandemic in the occupied Palestinian territory, there have been reports of increased levels of domestic and sexual violence.

The Solution

Our help Palestine programme will support Palestine with all of their basic necessities. The conflict in Palestine is brutal but with the help of our partners on the ground, we can deliver the humanitarian support needed to see the people of Palestine begin to heal and grow.

Help your brothers and sisters in Palestine as your £50 can provide a family food for a month which includes flour, cooking oil, rice, sugar and tinned food.

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