Morocco is a geographically diverse North African Country siding with the north Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A land full of breathtaking beaches mountains and vast hot deserts.

The Situation

Morocco, a land with breath taking geographical wonders, was subjected to rivalries between European powers for several years. This subjugation caused poverty to rise in this country. Although like its neighboring countries, poverty in Morocco is not that high yet it exists and is ever rising. It has an approximate number of 65,000 orphans. A social stigma of ostracism, resulting in a growing rate of 6000 – 7000 abandoned babies in across Morocco.




Poverty Rate


Adoption Laws


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For orphans, Poverty is a resistance to basic needs. The main reason of abandoning a child in Morocco is birth outside of marriage and ostracism. Parents may give up disabled children or children they cannot care due to the rising levels of poverty. 65,000 children, most of them are missing their basic educational needs along with a high rate of chronic malnourishment due to which many are dying at an early age.


We, as a non-profit organization, prefer to assist these youngsters by lifting them out of the abyss. We tend to provide education to these youngsters so that they can combat poverty with the light of information rather than their armed power. Our goal is to support them by providing food, clothes, and a better life. Even a £10 donation can make a huge difference it can either be a onetime contribution or you can make an annual £360 donation, with a monthly payment of £30 providing the orphans and the needy with food, educational support, clothing, and healthcare. Donate now and help orphans in Morocco.

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